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Based in Maui, HI. Hamoa Handmade was started in 2017, by a couple, Jean & Matt.

Relocated to Maui from South Korea in 2014, Our inspiration comes from the beauty of this island and its racial, cultural diversity. 

We both worked in Korea for over 10 years in the fashion industry

Jean worked as a fashion stylist and jewelry designer. Matt was a designer who owned an independent label and worked for numerous brands as a creative director.

Aesthetically and spiritually, we admire "the sunshine days" of the 60's & 70's, love to swim in the ocean, strive to be more eco-friendly in everyday life, committed to integrity and sustainability, not only with our products, but in all that we do.

We believe 'small scale' allows us to focus on the details and quality that we value in our products.

All products are crafted with aloha and handmade on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Please visit our instagram @hamoa_handmade for more on our story.

Warmest aloha.

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